“Taliban closer to Wagah than Goa to Mumbai”
“Israel kills 40 in Gaza school”
“Blood enemies Georgia, South Ossetia abduct each others’ citizens to settle scores”

Exactly what all of us need. More atrocities, more bloodshed, more deaths. I’m ashamed. I wonder if God is. This is what He created. I bet He must be thinking “What a waste of my time!” But hell, do we care? Of course we don’t! It’s fun watching children die.

Look at the ulterior motive behind all of this-no one lives to get kicked by life each day. How very thoughtful!!

Saves the trouble of children going to school. No homework to be done.

Saves the trouble of men going to work. No files to be kept in order.

Saves the trouble of women cooking. No dishes to be washed afterwards.

I say-Bloody brilliant!!

Why wake up to the sun, work hard and still face the problems the government multiplies for us each day? It’s a tough life getting tougher anyway. Isn’t it so much more convenient if no one exists at all. Think about it.
No water problems.
No schoools to build.
No unemployement issues.
No poverty problems.

Just dead bodies. And what more do we want when the world is our graveyard.

Superb plan. Great management.
I just hope that along with all the thoughtful things that humans are already doing for each other they would do one more noble deed. Bury or Cremate the dead. (No air pollution due to rotting of flesh then.) That would be really nice!!!

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