Wish You Were Here

It’s all pitch dark. No stars twinkle in the night sky. I’m a wave lashing against one of the rocks lined up in front of me like an army waiting to strike. I rise. I crash. I rise again. All I want is a little company while the world is asleep. Some other waves are with me but they are not the company I’m looking for tonight. The breeze touches me and rides past me like the stallions trying to outrun each other. I was hoping instead that the touch could have been yours. We could rise in tandem together, dance to the symphony of the wind and crash in each others arms. I wouldn’t mind breaking into a million pieces if I knew I’d break in your arms. I look for you on this still night but there is no sign of you. And so, in my memory I create a picture of you and me. And someday I want to tell you that once upon a time, I was lonely on one of the most beautiful nights and something made me wish you would be there.

3 thoughts on “Wish You Were Here

  1. Wow … Wonderfully written

    I wld lyk to say i wasnt into reading blogs n all but you have kept me addicted have read a few articles of yours and they are great … 🙂


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