The views expressed in the following post are those of the individual persons themselves (verbatim). No attempt to influence their views has been made by me. I had just asked them a simple question for which they have given equally simple and not-so-simple answers. No attempt has been made to offend anyone. There is no trace of rebellion too. It is a post of purely random thoughts.


If you could make one change in the constitution what would you do?


Rajasik, the ‘high flying’ dude with a ‘rock star’ attitude, says “I would make it more liberal and secular.”

Krupali, the ‘revolutionary’ babe, says, “I would make fundamental duties enforceable by law.”

Ashish B, the ‘engineering struck’ star says, “I would make them upgrade the engineering syllabus and make it more student friendly”

Vismeeta, the simple ‘Goan’ beauty says, “I would like to change the reservation system. Also I would want to put an age limit for all the politicians.”

Vishal R, the ‘world decorating’ guy says, “There should be no lawyers for terrorists, no mercy, straight capital punishment.”

Alka, the ‘fashionable’ superstar says, “I don’t think one change can bring a revolution in this country. There is no hope at all.”

Ayesha, the eternal ‘deshbhakt’ says, “I don’t understand why we should change the constitution. The people should change if they want the country to prosper.”

Deepa, the ‘lively’ lass, says, “All political parties should be dissolved. The politicians have spoiled our country. Instead we should have an educated man with other educated bureaucrats running the nation.”

I, think that “Any individual wishing to contest the elections should have a minimum graduate degree at least.”

Footnote: I take responsibility ONLY for the statement made by ‘moi’.

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