Eve: Adam, do u love me?
Adam: Who else?

And hence, began a long story, one that continues till date. I have not checked the facts to find out how long ago those statements could have been said. But I’m sure it was eons ago. History recounts that Eve came into existence from Adam’s rib (and she exists till today).The only difference being, she gives birth today, but it hardly matters. It is never strongly acknowledged all that she could ever do because she does not realise it herself. A woman was engendered out of a man only to serve a man. In this country largely, women are being taught their mother tongue only after they have learnt self sacrifice and servitude. It is a compulsion in society that women must be passively subjugated in various forms. It is a practice coming down the ages and just because I think that things should change they won’t.

It has been a battle of Venus versus Mars ever since the protoplasm came into being. Over a period of time the Venusians have moulded themselves to fit into the picture that Martians have painted for them. Knowingly or unknowingly they have suppressed a side of them which craves to emerge these days with women wanting to break out of the ‘picture’. There is a lot of humbug talk about equality of men and women these days, but it is only just that. All talk. I don’t think anyone can be blamed for it. But I think the primary fault lies with the woman herself. Why does she think she needs a provider? Why does she believe that her ability is limited only to taking care of the cooking and not anything else? Why does she believe that she has to kill her needs to let the man have all that he wants? It is only because she has allowed herself to feel like that, she has allowed the society to function like it does. I’m not a feminist; it’s just that in my opinion if we wish to prosper as a human race we have to let a woman be free.

I want to know, why, women are not forbidden to say no to their husbands if they don’t want to bear children? Just because, having a child makes a woman an ‘ideal’ wife and daughter-in-law? I want to know, why, girls are not allowed to educate themselves? Just because, eventually they have to ‘marry’? I want to know, why, women can’t wear what they like? Just because, ‘men’ are voyeuristic? I want to know, why it is considered a heinous crime if a woman stands for her decisions. Just because, a man thinks she can’t? And I want to know who gave the ‘man’ the right to decide what the woman should do? Why should he? Just because he brings money home? Or is it because Adam was cut open to let Eve come into being? For all we know, Adam and Eve might not have existed. And, all of us are here because of a ‘chemical reaction’. In that case, a man has absolutely no right to dictate what a woman should do.

I’m not propagating a ‘women-can-do-without-men’ stand. I’m propagating ‘women-can-do-without-chains’ stand. Women don’t believe in themselves and hence, it is obvious they won’t be taken seriously too. ‘Anyone’ who thinks that women are no good should observe his/her mother closely. Anyone who thinks women can’t take intelligent decisions should take a good look at a home-maker. Anyone who thinks a woman should only bear kids and clean the house should drown somewhere! Honestly, he/she should. I believe a human being can do anything if he/she wants to and if given an opportunity. I guess a lot of us have forgotten the fact that women are human beings too.

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