Either this is a period of the settling of a temporary lull or it is time for the horizon to shift or both. Until over a month ago I knew a life that did not want to stop even when the light had turned red and today I know one that does not show any inclination to move at all. Of course, I’m talking about myself and some others like me who have been home after the storm (read: engineering) is over and we have voluntarily submitted ourselves to an existence that would even put a sloth to shame.

Although, I do not find it troublesome to go through the day, everyday, doing ‘this and that’ I occasionally wonder how long will I go on like this? And I can safely say I know host of other friends who are with me in the same boat and maybe they worry a little more than I do (which is a remarkable achievement for me). It is a period of solid boredom and mild anxiety concocted together in an admirable fashion. We have literally nothing to do but wait! Wait for what? I can speak for myself and say-I do not know what! For the others maybe they have different answers or maybe not.

I have been amused in all this while by the Orkut Scraps and the SMSes that perennially ask the same questions. There are only 2 things that my friends ask me – ‘Hi! How are you?’ and ‘What are you doing?’ Incidentally it is everyday that someone pops me these all-important questions before coming back after 4 days to ask them again. I must say we have hit an all time low on creativity with this one! Guys, can we please get innovative in asking questions at least? I’m perfectly fine and doing nothing. (Though, I’m still struggling to hide my clavicle if you must know!)

I know it’s comforting to stay this way and I completely understand (after all I’m a part of the sloth gang too!) but I know once we start moving it will be only when our dimensions have re-aligned themselves. It will be a time when the horizon has shifted and we will see new places and people when we lift our gazes. And I know it will then be time to move on. And maybe then the only thing we might have to say to one another would be, ‘Hi! How are you?’ But not now guys! Not now!

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