Don’t Ask Me Why – Part 7

I'm writing this post mainly because I'm rather bored to write about the 'Economic Policies of India during the British Rule'. So, here goes the story of the inception (that's a Christopher Nolan trademark now) of this post. I happened to read a Facebook post ages ago that asked you to list down 25 random things about yourself. I wrote 25... Continue Reading →


For some days now I’ve been really impassive to the events around me. I’ve not bothered to analyse my situation, not taken the trouble to think of a solution, not ventured out to ask for advice. Nothing! In short I’ve just lived like a piece of furniture for some days. (Come to think of it... Continue Reading →


Either this is a period of the settling of a temporary lull or it is time for the horizon to shift or both. Until over a month ago I knew a life that did not want to stop even when the light had turned red and today I know one that does not show any... Continue Reading →


There are times, like right now, when I don’t know what to write about. Though, I want to but, I don’t know what it should be. On a regular basis I write everything from poems to articles to my diary and even letters (Yes, I know in this e-age people don’t write letters, but I... Continue Reading →

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