As the name suggests this is Part-3. Starts from 75 upto 51. Reasons for writing remain the same as Part-2 hence same as Part-1.

75. I’m back! I think I will keep writing this list at intervals (not regular ones!)

74. I’ve just seen Alka off and I am a little sad. She has left for Trivandrum. I’m really glad we are friends and that we can pick up from where we leave everytime!

73. Somehow I think the world has shrunken for me! I feel like I’m in a box. (DO NOT ask me what that means.)

72. White shirts look good on girls. They look sexy if the fit is right!

71. I love eating potato wedges from Mc Donald’s.

70. The Body Shop is really good! It makes me want to use cosmetics! 😛

69. I have still not seen Harry Potter-6. Shame on me! Someone give me company! Otherwise I’m going alone!

68. STD SMS Rates should be cheaper! (DO NOT read this and feel guilty!)

67. The song ‘Khudaya Ve’ from the movie ‘Luck’ makes me want to cry. It’s so touching!

66. I know I’m getting too ‘filmy’, but honestly, I totally love the outfit Deepika Padukone is wearing in the song ‘Chor Bazaari’ from ‘Love Aaj Kal’. I tried on the same outfit today but it was too loose for me to buy it!

65. I need a ‘good’ job. (And now I’m starting to lose my patience.)

64. I have an addition to the list of material things to which I’m ‘emotionally attached’. It’s my new glass in which I drink water! Thus is because I’m sincerely trying to calm my volcano-like temper so everytime the temper starts to rise I drink water in this very glass. I’m now emotionally attached to it!

63. I have now fully understood why people around me are badgering me about my weight loss. I actually have to buy clothes of size ‘S’. It’s weird!

62. I can actually write a detailed account of all the things one should buy in Inorbit Mall, Vashi. I’ve been there so many times now! It’s an awesome place to shop.

61. I have been asked to label what I say into ‘passing thought’ and ‘serious contemplation’. Hmm… I’m wondering how will I be able to do that?

60. I have got lots and lots of colourful bangles in the last 2 days! Yippee!!

59. I now need new shoes and sandals! (Not again!)

58. I’m beginning to realize I’m showing signs of turning into a shopping addict! (I do not know if I’m supposed to like or dislike the thought!)

57. There are too many people in the world! I’m beginning to realize that. It might sound stupid but I cannot explain it any other way1 there are just too many people!

56. It is easier writing this list now. I guess too much practice. (Siddhu, try it!)

55. I’m using the exclamation mark too much. Does that suggest I’m on a high, in life?

54. I want to go back to St. Peter’s to study English Literature under Mr. D’souza and Mr. Figrade.

53. I want to go back to St. Peter’s for the Ex-Student’s Race this year on Sports Day!

52. It was loads easier this time!

51. I want to eat dark chocolate now!

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