Once upon an ancient time
When I was a few years old
I knew the world as a free place
When it was only starting to mould

I shone above among the stars
But they shunned me for my little scar
I felt alone until one day
A human wrote to me from afar

I surmised it was a rhyme
That praised me for my silver sheen
And he thanked me for being there at night
While the river ran unseen

I glowed with pride for him
But my time had come to wane
I told him, “My dear friend
I will be back again”

“Will you wait for me?”
I asked, with a little smile
“I surely will” he said to me
And bid farewell with a tearful eye

I waited for myself to wax again
And I penned rhymes for my friend
“I’ll gift these to them” I confessed
When I see him 28 days hence.

The day had finally come
and I was overjoyed
To meet my friend on earth
and give him my little surprise.

I smiled as wide as I could
To decorate the path my friend would take
I hid the rhymes behind my back
When I saw someone coming towards the lake

It was another human
But it wasn’t my dear friend
I was itching to see the person
So the longing would come to an end.

“Dear Moon, your friend has sent
a message”, he said
“Would you like me to read it to you?”
Curiosity got hold of me
So I asked him to continue.

“Your friend was struck by a disease” he said
I asked him what that was.
“It means his body had begun to wane,
Just like you had yours”

The note said he wanted me to wait for him
Until he could wax again
I was dismayed, but I asked the messenger
When could I see my good friend again?

“When the Lord above,
turns him into a star,” He said
“Your friend, dear Moon will come to you”
But I wondered how could that be?
To the stars I lost my friend, so true!

Again it was my time to wane
The rhymes were left unread
The river did not sparkle anymore
It was my time to turn to bed!

28 days hence when I was full again
I was waiting again by the lake
A little voice said to me
“Dear moon, my poems I’ve come to take”

I saw amongst the herd of stars
A new one was shining bright
It was my human friend in disguise
Just like I was promised on that fateful night!

“I tore the poems, as I was saddened,
By the promise you had broken”
“True friends never go away” he said
And a truer word was never spoken.

Ever since that star and I have been
the best of friends that could be
I may wax and wane but friends we are
And my star still waits for me!


9 thoughts on “FRIENDS BY THE LAKE

  1. it saddened me. I'm not convinced it was a happy ending. Or maybe happy endings don't have that much effect nowadays.


  2. I did not want to make it sad. Here I'm talking about unconditional friendships that stay no matter what! Though I agree doing without the friend would make the poem even better! 🙂


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