Don’t Ask Me Why – Part 4

For all those who do not know what this is, here is a short brief- I write this list as a means of putting out random stuff on my blog specially when I do not have enough time to reflect. This is part 4 of those 25 random things on my mind. 100-76. Here goes:

100. The masala chai at work is to die for.

99. I do wear the bangles I buy these days.

98. The Internet is HUGE HUGE HUGE!

97. Damn the Americans. Really! They have to penetrate everywhere do they?

96. Somehow I do not believe in festivals anymore. (I think so)

95. Twitter is really good. All those who think it isn’t good enough should give it some time! It grows on you after a point of time.

94. I’ve finally managed to convince 2 very good writers to pen down pieces regularly. Yippeeee!!!!

93. I want to see what a Blackberry looks like. In my hand not a photograph or a video!

92. I am writing this solely because nothing else seems to catch my attention.

91. There isn’t a single movie in theatres that I want to watch. They suck at the mere sight of the promos.

90. I’ve finally learnt a couple of more computer functions.

89. My colleague Vipina wants mention here. So this is it! She is a sweetheart. (You better remain so.)

88. Green is a nice colour. (I’m wearing too much of it right now.)

87. ‘Far away’ is a really good song. (And I’m not in love)

86. I want to eat ‘Thali’ this Sunday! I’ve not eaten proper vegetarian food for quite long. Plz. Plz. Plz.

85. My mind is behaving like a Yo-Yo in a particular ‘matter’. I don’t want to seek help but I want it to get resolved on its own.

84. I like my phone all over again.

83. I cannot find ‘The Lost Symbol’ anywhere. (Pun Unintended)

82. God Bless Amisha for helping us with the cooler.

81. If anyone has any song recommendations please let me know.

80. A girl writing a poem is completely different as opposed to a boy writing a poem. There is a major difference in every style of poetry. (I’ve read a couple of such poems and they are worlds apart!)

79. I want an Ipod.

78. What is the biggest news these days? Has ‘Austerity’ has died its death?

77. Whatever happened to creativity in the Television Industry? That freaking Rakhi Sawant and her ‘beau’ and her ‘virtual kid’ show!!! What the hell is it called for Christ’s Sake?

76. I’ve finally had a haircut.

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