To close or not to close? That is the question!

Its heart flowers and romance in the air. Not for me. For some of my close friends. Somehow they are all in love at the same time and its candy floss time. I’m really happy for them because after all love makes the world go round! I’m sure its great to have someone to come home to, someone to lean on and someone to look forward to. I’ve seen a lot of solid relationships growing stronger over time. On the other hand, I’ve also seen a lot of solid relationships fall apart for various reasons. Not to mention sorrow follows and a lot of tears flow too. Love can make life seem simple but love can also make life seem tough. It comes in phases. It’s all a part of the game called life. If not you, you can see it happening to someone else. Love, break ups and closures.

Closures not so often. That is something everyone runs away from. Especially the person who is breaking up. The most convenient way to break up these days- send an SMS saying-‘Let’s just be friends’ or ‘It’s over’. Now it doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out what that means! I wonder what makes people run away from trying to tell someone it’s over. Is it because you wouldn’t want to hurt the other person by rubbing it in or saying something more than what they need to hear? So in a way, if you don’t get a closure, assure yourself that you ex doesn’t want to hurt you further than they already did. Break-ups can be very messy. Especially if you have a clingy partner, oops ex-partner. So just saying it and running away can help only is someone is willing to keep the pain to himself/herself and let you go. Otherwise, oh boy, are you in for a period of mess or what! Not giving a closure is fine in cases when you would like to reduce the degree of hurt for the other person. And of course, if you are ‘set free’ immediately.

Ethically, what I’ve just said is complete nonsense. Every person who is being dumped is entitled to a closure. He/she is entitled to know what went wrong and why they are being dumped. Also, ethically, breaking up over SMS or phone is very wrong. If you’ve been with someone, shared a relationship, shared some dreams, you should have some dignity to explain why it’s over and why the story comes to an end, in person. People prefer hearing why it’s over so they can deal with the pain relatively easily. If you just get up and leave someone in the lurch, and expect them to understand, well, that’s asking for more than enough from the broken remains of your relationship. Ethically, you should talk about why the flame went out because at one point of time the flame gave you warmth too.

Practically or ethically dealt with, closures hurt. They do. But then, again, life goes on and people fall in love again. Then there are hearts, flowers and romance in the air once again. It’s just a cycle of life. After the snow there is always spring! And that is when you sing,“I’m on top of the world looking down on creation/and the only explanation I can find/Is the love that I’ve found ever since you’ve been around…”

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