Time to go…

Sunshine shining on my back
And a million places I’ve yet to see
A lot of water has run under the bridge
Time has no time to wait for me.

I’ve read those books that have caught my eye
Now its time to read those I ignored
Three dozen delicacies I’ve tasted since
There are a hundred dozen more to be devoured.

So I’m packing my bags and my camera too
My shoes call out to me to be worn
And off I’ll go in search of plans
That God has kept for me, in store.

I’ll take along a fresh diary
To write of bazaars during the day
I’ll buy some souvenirs to adorn my table
When I set my abode in another place.

And when I fall along the unbeaten path
I’ll sit alone at the river side
I’ll recall all the lesson I’ve learnt in life
So that the pain in my heart can subside.

Walking along the new road
I’ll stop for maybe, a while or two
And when my diary is full of stories
I’ll come back home to narrate them to you.

3 thoughts on “Time to go…

  1. Wow! I love it Sameen this is Awesome 😀

    I feel so refreshed and happy but at the same time it’s a bittersweet joy…

    Nice work! 🙂


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