Don’t Ask Me Why – Part 6

Alright. This is one of my favourite kinds of posts. As mentioned earlier, you don’t have to know the other lists to be in tune with this one. I’m going with the flow. Here we go. 🙂

150. Once again. This country woke up to a newspaper smeared with blood. It is extremely saddening. Extremely.

149. ‘Hyperbolic discounting’ is the irrational obsession of having things now. – Tim Harford in Dear Undercover Economist.

148. I’m totally in love with the songs ‘Dil Harey’ by ‘Jal’ and ‘Here Without You’ by ‘3 Doors Down’.

147. I’ve done almost 6 months of non stop writing.

146. I’m officially laying down ground rules for friendships (for the heck of it) Rule # 2 says No asking before taking food from your friend’s plate.

145. In the morning the view out of my bus on Palm Beach Road is something like this: A green cover until the horizon, tufts of white clouds far above into the sky and then the lovely blue sky.

144. I will still write ‘colour’ and not ‘color’, ‘favourite’ and not ‘favorite’ and I will not use serial commas in my text! No American English for me. Thank you very much!

143. I’m very upset with the fact that ‘Two and a Half Men’ is off air. I know I can watch it on my computer, but it was a routine for me when I used to return home from work!

142. I think Discovery Travel and Living is the best channel on planet earth!

141. I’ve been reading ‘The Economist’ when I can. And I totally love its ads on TV.

140. My desk that was once really colourful is barren now. Don’t ask me why!

139. Friendships can never be imposed. Can never grow stronger without fights. And never sustain without the willingness to make it sustain.

138. Any humour that involves ridiculing someone is in poor taste. Because what you laugh at says a lot about your character. Period.

137. “We just don’t know how much information there is in the past.” (We cannot predict the future based on the past.) –Nassim Nicholas Taleb in The Black Swan.

136. I’m binge eating these days. Not worrying that it will show on me. Thank you God.

135. Yes, though, sometimes I get angry with Him. I’m convinced there is a higher power.

134. I think is a waste of everybody’s time to have ‘n’ number of religions. One God. One religion. That’s how it should be. (Ok, I can stop day dreaming now.)

133. Red nail polish is a great way to beat the blues. (Applicable literally too.)

132. No matter how much you try to rationalize some things/people in life; what your heart says is what you should do.

131. “Aaj hum daar pe kheeche gaye jin baato par/

Kya ajab kal wo zamaane ko nisaabo me mile

An urdu sher my manger once told me. It can be roughly translated as, “It’s remarkable how the trials I have to face today, are the lessons in the syllabus of tomorrow’s generation.”

130. I ate mango dolly after what seems like a century. Ah! Childhood and its pleasures!

129. I’ve been taking baby steps into the world of heavy metal.

128. I’m also looking forward to a happy ending. Very soon it will be a reality *fingers crossed*

127. I hope there are some good movies in the latter half of this year. Oh wait! The filmmakers have forgotten what a good movie means!

126. Every time I write these lists it reinforces in me that my life is so beautiful. 🙂

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