The Poor Man and your House.

The other day I was rushing to catch my bus (as usual) to work. While I tidied my just-washed hair, I saw a poor old man trying to drink water from a tap that was on the other side of an iron grill that stood guard to a huge government owned building. The old man struggled to open the tap and was trying to hold the water in his palms until it reached his mouth. That’s all I saw, for I was in a rush; I had a bus to catch!

Somehow it’s all around the place-debates of whether God exists or not? I’ve seen some of them, read some of the arguments put forth by either parties and been in some of them. But all this general debate leads to no one being proved right or wrong. Whether God exists or not-God only knows!

What if you were commuting to work or college or elsewhere and you have a thought going on in your mind that says you want a beautiful house? You visualize a house in your head and tell yourself you want it. Is that a wish? Or is that prayer? Does prayer constitute going to a place of worship and bowing down? And if it doesn’t, is a wish equivalent to a prayer?

So, where were we? Does God exist? Why is it that suddenly everyone wants to talk about the Almighty? If you’ve been/read/heard one these debates you must have surely come across a person who opines that if there is a God then why is there so much misery and suffering in the world (think: poor man trying to struggle for water at 7.30a.m-that’s how his day begins!) And if there is no God how do your wishes come true? That is, assuming you equate a wish to a prayer (think: you getting the house you want!)

What is it that makes us go searching for answers? Who created the world? Whether there is heaven and hell? Where do our prayers go? And why should we believe in a supreme being? If we do believe in Him, why is that? If we don’t, why not? And if we are undecided, what’s the big deal? So, that’s a debate that is going on and on in every third place that I look. (In hindsight, if all of us are talking about the same God, why do we have so many religions?)

Anyway, it is a little obvious that God is not going to reveal himself to the general public one of these days, so those who say he doesn’t exist can have a gala time until hereafter. And, those who do believe He does exist will have to wait until hereafter to win the debate. (That’s going to be long time, I’m guessing.) And those who are undecided, well, I’m not sure what their strategy should be.

Whatever may be the case, whether he exists or not, that doesn’t give us an excuse to be less of a human being. Assuming, God does not exist it doesn’t mean we have the license to behave like barbarians, to turn a blind eye towards the life we have, the relationships we share, the society we live in and the mindset we carry. Who said you need a God to tell you to respect your parents? Who said you need a God to tell the parents to treat their children right-irrespective of the child being a boy or a girl? Who said you need a God to tell you to love your friends and respect their opinions? Who said you need a God to tell you not to litter your neighborhood? Who said you need a God to help a stranger and show kindness? And who said you need a God to tell the truth as opposed to a lie?

It really doesn’t matter whether God exists or not. But it does matter that we have poverty in our nations, illiteracy on the streets and hunger in the world. And until we have all this in a world we made for ourselves, we cannot find ways of blaming it on someone who we’re not even sure exists!

So, we can all go back to being a part of whatever religion we made for ourselves. Unless we don’t become human beings, it really doesn’t matter what God you pray to, whether you do pray or whether you’re not sure if you should pray or not!

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