In Step and In Tune

The other day I was watching Step up 2: The Streets. On another day I saw a photograph of some of my classmates at a school reunion. And on yet another day, I happened to see this movie called Another Cinderella Story. And for some days I’ve been getting this feeling of ‘belonging’ that is visiting me from God-knows-where. What caught my eye in the movie Step up 2 was the kind of effort that whole group puts in to make a dance sequence. Due to some reasons they face a roadblock because of which they don’t see signs of being able to perform at ‘The Streets’. But, in the end, like in all movies, they do perform at ‘The Streets‘ and that gives them a sense of fulfillment. For some strange reason, I felt that sense of fulfillment too. And that had me thinking. “Wow, it used to be so awesome to be a part of a group doing ‘something’, ‘anything’ and then enjoying its sense of completion together.” It gave me a sense of warmth. The feeling of being a part of a system that operates on its own, trying to deliver something that they ‘want’ to deliver. It used to be a very fulfilling feeling when we used to work in teams back in school.

Similarly, when I saw the photograph of my schoolmates it gave me this sense of ‘belonging’ to a particular body. And it gave me a feeling of familiarity. I know those people. I was a part of the same system that they were. No matter how different we may be, how far we may have travelled in life, there is a part of us that was once there.  Back in time, still encased in memories are moments that we may relive time and again. But the feeling of belonging remains.

When I saw the movie Another Cinderella Story, once again I had this feeling of fulfillment when the protagonist finishes her dance sequence at the end of the movie after facing many obstacles. She and her partner share the feeling of completion that I could identify with. Again I wondered where did those times go when we used to work on a school project together- get our sketch pens out, chart papers, and write in fancy handwritings and then submit it at the appointed hour. Where did that feeling of fulfillment go? Do any of us feel the same way anymore? Do we still have that kind of drive when we get assigned to projects in our companies? Do we feel like what we’re doing is a part of ourselves? Are we still passionate about an outcome as we were when we were younger? Or have team meetings, deadlines and grudges against your manager/teammate taken over? I do hope not.

I used to feel that way on my last project, to be very honest. And continuing the same stream of honesty, I have to admit I could sense some not-happy faces at my enthusiasm. Today, when I know that they’ve completed the task I feel glad. I do. I was a part of that system at one point of time. Though, I may not be now, it’s like that umbilical cord scar that you carry around with you. Something like – a part of me was there at a point of time. I was a part of ‘that’ system.

I wonder if that kind of a sense of fulfillment and belonging I will experience in my life henceforth. But, I do hope that I am able to be a part of a ‘system’ at times. Any system. Succeeding at times and failing at others. All because the ‘system’ succeeds and fails. We know Rome wasn’t built in a day and it was not built by one person either. It must’ve taken a lot of people! After all, as humans we have this need to belong to a system. At different instances of time we belong to different systems and unknowingly we slip in and out of these myriad roles each day. It’s just the sense of fulfillment that hides somewhere because maybe, we’re too old for ‘accolades at an annual function after a dance performance in school’.

I know for sure, I want to be a part of a group in the near future. Maybe a dance group or a trek group or something. Anything. And I want to spend hours preparing ‘something’ with my group. And then, I want to experience a sense of fulfillment at the end of the task we might undertake together. It’s been some time since I’ve visited that feeling! 😉

2 thoughts on “In Step and In Tune

  1. I like it 🙂
    guess its the comfort level we share with people the time spent with them that makes us a part of everything we ever did with them


  2. Yeah! Not only that, just the fact that we ‘belong’ to a team and ‘did’ something is worthwhile 🙂


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