It’s in there. Right there where all those precious treasures you possess belong. It’s been there for as long as you’ve known. No one has put it there. Not anyone that you know of. It lies in a cushioned bed of pink, of red, of blue, of white or any colour of your choice. And it looks comfortable because it looks like it is home. A place that was made for it.

A place that is as pure as the clear blue depths of the ocean.

As serene as snow on a mountain top.

As apt as a perfect red apple with a brown stalk and a green leaf in that fruit basket.

As comfortable as that lonely ochre leaf on the pavement.

As home as a dog sleeping in a blue kennel.

It is meant to be there.

It has always been there and you don’t know how it was put. Just how all the real and untarnished things in life occupy that sacred place in your heart, it lives within you.

Sometimes, you just know what you should know. And without anyone telling you that it’s real, you just believe. You do.

Maybe someone tip toed in while you were sleeping and left it there…

Or maybe, you were just supposed to know…

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