F for Frenemies

Oh, they are there everywhere
And they can be a potential scare.
They smile politely and are nice
But being wary is wise.

They wear suits and they wear blazers
But they yield swords and razors.
You’ll never know what they are plotting
Probably every move; down, they are jotting.

The sweet smile might be fake-
Be on your guard and be awake.
Don’t go by the look of the docile goat
Or the shiny new overcoat.

They are kind, they are humble
They are waiting till you tumble.
If secrets in your tummy are going a ‘rumble
Don’t utter a word or a syllable mumble.

They call you a snitch when they themselves are one
Look around you and there are friends none.
That is when you realize you have ‘Frenemies’ a ton.

They are your friends and your enemies
They are your buddies and Arch Nemesis.
When your biggest dream becomes your worst nightmare
You’ve got Frenemies – BEWARE!

– Written by Guest Writer: Karen Sonia Aranha as a run-up to my 2nd Blogoversary.

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