L for Living

All of us have had a time when we ‘got lost’ and ‘found purpose’!

Life is gr8 fun! 😀 *Conditions Apply*

We have all seen ourselves in the teeth of tiring ordeals and in moments of ecstasy.

For those who are stuck & tired yet struggling to make the change…here’s something from my memory-attic!

Hope u derive strength from it. I did. 🙂


I remember everything
how it all started…
yet now i feel a void
in my being,
no pain… no love…
nothingness all over and above 😦

every breath is a pain,
each thought ends in disdain,
somewhere… i just lost
count of failures,
fools and sages all around
making me weak
and keeping me bound.
Disguised in smart guile,
corrupt talk and liar smile…

like parched lips
reaching for water,
like a withered lotus
struggling to strike root,
like a debile traveller
searching for an oasis,
to taste eternal bliss…

a lone heart became so hard
that it skipped its own beat…
to find a rhythm to sing along,
waiting earnestly to begin
life’s great song…
and now i know why,
took me too long… sigh!


all i need is perhaps
a silent dialogue
with the truth inside me,
but in this morgue of minds
i couldn’t find solace…
i lost all
that i tried to find 😦

a guide, a friend
to stay by me…
through thick and thin,
dawn and din,
loss and win,
really hard to find
love of this kind…

desperate to be honest
with my self,
accepting every beat
of this broken heart
i find that…
witnessing failure and falter
are my silent screams,
leaving me numb…
Ahh! this isolation,
brutally killed my dreams.


i wonder
what was so hard
to understand?
so difficult to apply,
to let go…
to trust my own voice
through worries and hurries
of mastery, of misery…


L.I.F.E. = Living In Fierce Extremes

the past is gone…
dusk has lead to dawn,
and I promise my heart
to Dream on 🙂
‘coz i just found
in my treasure trove
that all that we need,
is a lust for love…


So be it, Just do it! 🙂

– Written by Guest Writer: Navraj Shubham as a run-up to my 2nd blogoversary.

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