I'm not going to write titles that sum up my post, anymore. I'm going to leave a letter here a word there and be done with it. So that people have to read through it to know what it's about. So that in my small way, I rebel against the clickbaits and get slowly pushed... Continue Reading →


There's a greater force than all of us. Each one of us. You're just a small entity in a titanic system. You're very well surrounded by everything thing that tries to propel you from where you are to somewhere above. They try, you let them, and they even possibly succeed. But sometimes, you're just not... Continue Reading →

Grandmother’s Lantern

Beautiful. It would have been, and it can be; shall I permit it to. My existence; like the solitary lantern that still hangs on grandmother's porch. Its wick as black as the sins they tell us we've committed on the way to being the lords of moral fiefdom. Its glass dull like the cataract in... Continue Reading →

The Truth

I wonder how many times we go through moments of severe longing for something. An intense want for something to go right, someone to pull through, some day to dawn upon us, some time to come to us and someone inside us to win. I wonder how many times we have that feeling where we're... Continue Reading →

The Precious Festival that is Life!

I've been living in a city for some time now. The city I have lived in, is like any other—busy, crowded, pseudo-purposeful, full of chaos, and hurried. While no one looks at the clouds above in a city, they exist. Even though no one acknowledges the forgotten trees that abound, they stand quietly in the... Continue Reading →

The Songstress

To drift each night with loneliness Embark on a journey of solitude and walk into live dreams of times I rued. Oh! What a delicate life and such distress! Yet I wake each morn; a petit songstress to flutter and sing songs in multitude. Each day a varied perch and altitude, and a will to put myself... Continue Reading →

Proof of a Famous Adage – Part 1

So, after my admission of sadness yesterday, I went home. I did not know what to do with my time in the bus. I just sat still, and looked out of the window. I was phone-less, music-player-less, book-less, so I just sat and stared outside. And I pondered over my situation. I missed a friend I used to be... Continue Reading →

L for Living

All of us have had a time when we 'got lost' and 'found purpose'! We have all seen ourselves in the teeth of tiring ordeals and in moments of ecstasy. For those who are stuck & tired yet struggling to make the change...here's something from my memory-attic! Hope u derive strength from it. I did. :-)... Continue Reading →

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