S for Sublime Tales

The word Sublime means magnificent or transcendent. Secrets and stories are within all-everything that lies in this existence. I believe the stars do not shine because they are full of fire; they shine because they are full of stories.

What you read below is not a poem, it is not prose; it is just a collection of Sublime tales…

Sublime Tales

When the night spread its blanket over the valley; its lone inhabitants fell asleep.

The silvery moonlight didn’t fall on the floor,

For the clouds stood before it; like soldiers guarding the king.

The verandah was darker than ever.

The road took a nap, as no one came upon it.

But the river had to move on, as it had to share its beauty.

However, it bubbled no longer and slid like a snake.

The trees were alive yet so dead;

while the leaves danced to the tune of the wind; the birds slept.

All of a sudden the clouds moved past the moon.

A cat perched on the cupboard, pounced on the floor

The crash of a vessel woke up the woman;

as she came out into the light!!


Written by Guest Writer: Ayesha Borker as a run-up to my 2nd Blogoversary.

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