T for Truth

The twinkling of its mesmerizing and captivating eyes,
Brought a smile on her exasperated and time worn face.

The innocent, calming and soothing smile on its lips,
Brought her tempestuous heart to find itself in peace.

The simple movements of its limbs and itself,
Was better than watching dancers skate or swimmers swim.

The bliss, felicity and charm on its face was eternal,
It was enough to stare at it without wondering about time ever.

Its voice had the serenity like those in the church bells’ ringing,
Reminding her off all that was good, untainted and pristine in this world.

It was the symbolic representation, she felt of the Lord himself.
As in it was the fantasy, reality, surreality and all that is and shall be blessed.

Felt she at peace with oneself as the beauty of the entire world lay in her arms,
As rocked she her entirety, the only truth for her and meaning of her life to sleep.


– Written by Guest Writer: Nikhil Rao as a run-up to my 2nd Blogoversary.

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