U for Uncertainty

He lies somewhere here !


“The existence of a paradox is the sign of a healthy mind”, claims Walter Scott, 1892,“In the same manner that the existence of a contradiction is sure proof of reality”.

“It is but obvious that the mind has no awareness of the true nature of reality the same way a fish has no word for water”, Prophet Brutha, The Century of the Fruitbat (P Terry – Small Gods)

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”, Albert Einstein, while the illusion persisted

“He had decided to live forever or die in the attempt” Joseph Heller on Yossarian.

“A is A!” Ayn Rand,

“A is A!” – Yahoo, every other day.

“A is A?” – Yahoo, every other day

This post a tribute to reality and its true nature. It is about those things that defy gravity and fly upwards. It’s about dark matter that has no mass, it’s about that absolute frame of reference that never was. It’s about feeling emptiness, just as it is about the empty feeling in your soul. It’s about zero and infinity, and what you get when you take away 3 apples from a basket containing 2.

It’s also about attack being the best defense. Also those little things in life that make you laugh so hard tears come out, and cry so hard that everything seems like a toilet joke, and maybe it’s not really about those things.


A few things you could ponder over .. just to start off:

1. Is Bohemian Rhapsody a true classic? Why, not?

I really love the song ..  though its meaning is beyond me 🙂 I assume that most of you have heard and liked Bo Rap … else the question is useless. Not everyone knows how the song was conceived; I suggest you look it up on Wikipedia, especially the section under Possible Song Meanings.

2. Have you contradicted yourself ever?

Here is a hint – Is the ‘self’ ever changing and yet the self … or is a stagnant self…?
In Illusions- Richard Bach and Donald Shimoda have an interesting argument. “Is the sky perfect?” asks Shimoda,
“Yes!” replies Bach,
“Is it prefect all the time? coz it keeps changing, you know…”
“Gee! I’m really clever, yes; it is… all the time”


3. Can logic be used to prove irrationality as the underlying theme of the universe?

There is an underlying fuzziness to the world we live in thats conveniently ignored … that a complete trail of reasoning, a series of ‘why’s’ levelled at any anything usually ends up with the only answer being “because thats the way it is .. ”

Because logic is based on axioms that cannot be proven, but just accepted …

If you think it cannot be used to prove irrationality.. why do u think so ?

– Written by Guest Writer: Sudhir Sekharan as a run-up to my 2nd Blogoversary.

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