Sprinkled Sentiments – Part 9

At times, when I have nothing to do at work, when I’m totally vela, when I’m not in the mood to write/read/get up from my chair, I read my blog. Not out of a narcissist kind of way, but to reflect on what I write about. To read it from an outsider’s point of view. Many a times, I am surprised at what I read, I ask myself, “Did I write that?”

Similarly, the other day I was reading my post ‘Don’t Ask Me Why – Part 6‘. The last point in that post said, “Every time I write these lists it reinforces in me that my life is so beautiful. :-)” So, today I write this list not because I have a lot to say, but because I need some re-assurance that life is beautiful indeed.

As random as ever, here we go:

225. A colleague described some gory scenes from the movie 127 Hours to me, and totally put me off! I don’t want to see it anymore.

224. Chicken Tandoori is extremely delectable preparation of the white meat. Tender, soft, and juicy. What more could you want to satisfy your gastric juices? Ummm…Chocolate pastry, anyone?

223. Yesterday, I went to this ‘Rock Garden’ that’s been thrown open in Nerul.

Rock Garden, Nerul

It’s like walking into a garden described in a fairy tale. Replete with a waterfall, cavemen (yes, artificial cave men), ponds, logs of wood to sit on, roses, toy trains, swings, solitary paths to walk on and a lot more. If you stay in Nerul and around, visit you must. Before it gets too dirty thanks to the number of people visiting, that is.

222. If you fight with someone all the time and you kid yourself by saying, you fight because you are great friends, stop fooling yourself. Really. Great friends fight only once in a while. Not all the time.

221. If you are a writer by profession, I think you MUST blog. You should. And not blog for the heck of it, but blog to improve. Because this is your own space and you are allowed mistakes here.

220. Some beautiful uplifting songs when times are low: Dhoop ke Makaan and Aas Paas Khuda.

219. The other day in office, we were listening to numbers from the 90s. What fun! “Chura ke dil mera…goriya chali.” *head movement to go with it* Also, “Jab bhi koi ladki dekhu, mera dil dewaana bole…ole ole ole…” *Hip movement to go with it*  😛

218. I’m currently reading ‘Life of Pi’ by Yann Martel. It’s about a boy, Pi,

Life of Pi

whose family decides to migrate to Canada and en-route, due to a tragedy, the ship they’re travelling in drowns. Pi is left alone in a small lifeboat with a zebra, hyena, Orang-utan and a Royal Bengal Tiger! In other books you tend to learn about people or places, in this one, you learn about animals. Very interesting read!

217. Can’t wait for the Kala Ghoda festival to start! 🙂

216. All managements are a confused and muddled lot. Specially everyone who is not a part of it, thinks so.

215. I’m going to re-decorate my desk at work. I’ve got potpourri to add to the decor too. And this cute smiley that winks at you!

214. The full moon looked resplendent this month and I wrote a small rhyme for it too:

Make me a rainbow of the moon’s shine
I’ll sit on it and watch the world tonight
And when no one is looking my way
I’ll quietly steal a drop of moonlight!

213. I love crayons. Period. 🙂

212. Dhobi Ghat > Slumdog Millionaire

211. Why doesn’t WordPress have better themes? Why? It’s such a pain trying to get a fitting theme!

210. I wish I could make more time to tend for some flowers. I wish I had a patch of earth for myself.

209. It was Sport’s Day in my first school yesterday. The grandeur, spirit, enthusiasm and the feeling of satisfaction of that day in my younger years is something that life has never been able to match with any other event till today.

208. Who said to whom: “If Comrade Napoleon says it, it must be right.”?

207. I want to see Tangled in 3D before it is out of theatres!

206. I think Blackberry is an irritatingly intrusive device. iPhone > Blackberry

205. Although I’m a big Kajol fan, I see no reason why she won the Best Actress award at Filmfare this year.

204. Always do the right thing, however cumbersome, pinching and difficult it may seem.

203. If you don’t want it, say NO! Don’t assume people will know what you think.

202. It’s time for a vacation.

201. Life gets gloomy at times. After times of splashed colours and joyous moments it may plummet and you tend to ask yourself, what the hell happened? When everything seems to be awry and askew, drop everything and close your eyes. Talk to the Almighty, for, when no one is listening, He is. When no one is around, He is. Pray and leave everything to Him.

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  1. Thanks 🙂

    I think the apps in iPhone are much better than the BB. I mean, I used a BB for some time and I didn’t like the way it was so integral a part of your communication system, with the mails configured and all. Yeah a lot of free data transfer can happen, but an iPhone has a better look and feel, you can watch movies on it, it’s got a phone and yes, internet too, in that case, why buy a BB at all?


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