Sometimes I make my feeble attempts to paint the stories in words that some photographs engender in my mind. This poem is my exploration of an unknown story about an unknown girl. I saw her in a photograph by an exceedingly amazing photographer friend of mine. I would recommend seeing the photograph before reading the poem, because... Continue Reading →

When you shattered it with a smile, It leaked in silver from the insides. Tonight, to cover the fracture, It camps with a billion fireflies. *** Picture Taken By: Jaydev Adhikari Verse Written By: Me; because how can you not be a poet when it looks like that?

That’s my love story…

It falls upon a rock, and breaks itself apart. Is it another wave of the sea, or is it my naïve heart? I’ve always been drifting and this sea has been my home. It has contained me and never questioned me. It has loved me with my creases and with my folds. I’ve been all... Continue Reading →

A li’l bit of romance…

I don’t know what love is. I mean, yes, I can write a lot of posts and poems on what I think should be love or on what I think love has been all this while from where I’ve seen it. Well, it’s a pretty abstract concept, so let’s not delve into that right now.... Continue Reading →


Once upon an ancient timeWhen I was a few years oldI knew the world as a free placeWhen it was only starting to mouldI shone above among the starsBut they shunned me for my little scarI felt alone until one dayA human wrote to me from afarI surmised it was a rhymeThat praised me for... Continue Reading →

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