Maggie Carpenter

The following is a dialogue between Richard Gere (Ike Graham) and Julia Roberts (Maggie Carpenter) from the movie Runaway Bride.

IKE:  Tell me something, do you really care about Mount Everest?

MAGGIE:   It’s fun! It’s high.

IKE:   Or the sexual habits of locusts?

MAGGIE:   That was very interesting research George was doing!

IKE:   What kind of Dead Head gets a temporary tattoo?

MAGGIE:   I already explained about that.

IKE:   And where you ever really going to run the leper colony in Molokai?

MAGGIE:    (wincing) Brian told you that?

IKE:   Or maybe you just wanted to wear the headdress.

MAGGIE:   Every one of those times I was being supportive. Something you won’t understand.

IKE:   Supportive? You weren’t being supportive. You were being scared. Just like now. You are the most lost woman I have ever laid eyes on.

MAGGIE:   Lost!

IKE:   That’s right. You’re so lost you don’t even know how you like your eggs.

MAGGIE:   What!?

IKE:   With the priest, you liked them scrambled. With the Dead Head, fried. With the bug guy, poached. Now it’s egg whites only, thank you very much.

MAGGIE:   That’s called changing your mind.

IKE:   No, that’s called not having a mind of your own. What are you doing, Maggie? You really want to let that man drag you up Annapurna on your honeymoon? You don’t want to climb Annapurna.

MAGGIE:   Yes I do!

IKE:   No you don’t. You want a man who will lead you down the beach with his head over your eyes just so you can discover the feel of the sand under your feet. You want a guy who will take you into a cave with a thousand candles just to read you a poem. You want a man to wake you up at dawn because he’s burning to talk to you and he can’t wait another minute to find out what you’ll say. Am I right?

IKE: Am I right?

Sometimes you need someone to tell you that you’re not who you are. I need that someone right now.

I’m not the person I am.
I’m not the person I used to be.
If I could only spread my wings,
and once again set myself free…

– Sameen

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