You’re in a train.
You’re in an auto.
You’re at work.
You wake up while you can.
You’re in a fleeting moment of serenity.
You’re in a phase of waiting.
You’re waiting for the dusk to fall.
You’re waiting for someone inside you to come home.
You’re in a bus.
You’re in traffic.
You’re in a place where the traffic won’t move.
You’re patient.
You’re infested with beautiful, spiritual thoughts.
You shake yourself to the reality that is at a standstill for hours together – the traffic.
You’re waiting for the traffic to clear out.
You’re in a pudding of waiting. Soft blobs of time all around you and you’re at the centre.
You wait to get out of the pudding. You swim.
You resist.
You go back to the spiritual experience you’re having while the present is all what is around you.
You don’t think of the past.
You don’t think of the future.
You can only see the present. The pudding all around you. Smooth and light. Just like heaven in a bowl.
You listen to the meaning of songs.
You don’t listen to the songs.
You shake yourself to reality.
You’re still waiting for the traffic to clear out.
You slip in and out of waiting to get home to get to someone inside you.
You think of how lucky you are to have this present for yourself. All of it seems to be falling together.
You’re in a train when you shake yourself up.
You’re going home at last. You’re going home to yourself.
You know the sun has set and the stars are out. But for you the day has just begun.
You pack up the cares of waiting.
You are patient.
You’re still waiting while you’re patient.
You look at the time. It’s time to sleep.
You get angry.
You don’t talk anymore.
You get ruffled. The day has passed. Where have you been?
You let yourself be angry. Like a tide gone wild in a bottle.
You wait some more.
You get cuddled by someone inside you.
You are told how someone inside you has been waiting for the day to end too.
You calm down.
You’re now still-water in a bottle.
You know someone inside you is also now still-water inside a bottle.
You pour yourself into that bottle.
You’re now one with someone inside you. They can’t take you apart.
You’re one.
You calm yourself.
You smile yourself to sleep.
You wake up in a train.

– Sameen

P.S: 1) Thank you Chuck Palahniuk for getting me through the waiting I do these days. 🙂
2) My travel routine: (home)-train-auto/bus-(work)-bus-train-(home)

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