Lounging Around

It’s my second post in the “month of love” and it makes me wonder if I should be talking about love. And now, that this post has begun, I’ll just digress from the first line. I just needed to break the ice between me and my dashboard’s “New Post” tab. There’s no intended, coherent reason for writing today. But when I come to think of it, I could write about leisure because my life right now is like a long Saturday evening with so much free-time that I can do anything I wish. *twirling around in a frock* However, it is customary about such evenings that we don’t really get around to doing much, and so is my attitude right now—I don’t do anything. *twirling stopped* I sleep as much as I want, and wake up when I want to. I float from one location in this city to another, read Fight Club, listen to music (zara sa jhoom lu main #nowplaying), eat, and occasionally get around to doing some “productive work”. I have also been witnessing people fall in love who, therefore, blush, dress up everyday, stay glued to their phones, eat minimally, and smile all the time. (Yes, that’s as close to “love” I am getting in this post.) It’s kinda cute, though.

So, that’s how vela I am. For those who don’t know, vela means jobless. Though I’d like to believe it means free—there is a positive connotation to being “free” as opposed to being “jobless”. In all this vela-ness, I have a lot of other people around me who are vela too. Understandably, we are all vela together. We are zoned out almost all the time, drifting like balloons in the open sky—merry and unaware. We indulge in teasing our friends who are “in love” and therefore blushing + well-dressed + phone-glued + no appetite + smiling. The others get down to calculating how much force it would require to throw me out of the 7-floor building a la Baazigar-style-with-a-twist. We listen to all sorts of music (yes, Tinku Jiya included). We take long walks and talk about the weather and about having no good looking guys in this 7-floor building, take random pics, share jokes we receive over SMS, forward ridiculous mails and read them together, read the books we left unattended for a while and even have the time to sift through and delete old mails we might not require. I also update my BBM status 8 times a day. Basically, there is no direction to existence, very similar to this post.

All in all it makes me feel like I am on a vacation post-exams. During exams, I decide to do “so many things” when I would get over with them. But when I actually do get over them, I lie around and wonder what to do. What I also get these days are dollops of friendly-advice-loaded-with-jealousy-and-sarcasm: Enjoy now, later you won’t be able to. And I have this, “Dude, do I look like I care?” look on my face!

While the world is gearing up for V-day, I drift around with my head in the clouds and my spirits high (see the pun?) oblivious of the “realities” around me (Doesn’t that suggest I am in love as well?) So, while there are 4 days to the day of love and people will go out shopping come weekend, I shall lounge around in my free-spiritedness! While I am at it, I wanted to write because it makes my “lounging around” complete.

Happy vela-time to me! And a happy valentine’s to everyone else!

– Sameen

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