I Wish I Were…

Sometimes I wish I could be a still lake. Recovering instantly after they throw stones at me. Swirling when the disowned leaves fall upon me; and coming back to who I’ve always been, very soon. Bearing the weight of their burden unload into me when they swim and yet become myself even as they glide through me. Running deep even though they fill their buckets with me for their tree houses; they will always find more of me when they keep coming back.

Sometimes I wish I were a still lake. I’d be one with deep black eyes and a stillness in which I’d see myself in me—always!


P.S: For someone who teaches me how beautiful calmness is. For someone I love immensely.

2 thoughts on “I Wish I Were…

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  1. The Brook and the Still Lake both have their charm. Tennyson did justice and so did you.

    PS: The Brook and the Still Lake must go hand in hand to fulfill The Axiom..


    1. I wrote this during a client call. I did justice only because of the person who made me realise why I needed to be calm.

      PS: They always will because the Axiom is a truth far greater than life or death.


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