Sprinkled Sentiments # 11

I don’t have anything intelligent, concrete, funny, sentimental, lyrical, or even mundane to talk about. So, if you wish you can turn right around and go back to doing some other reading somewhere. Or maybe have chips. Or maybe poke someone in the ribs. Or maybe do anything else you think is more interesting. I’m here to write because my brain told me, “What the heck, let’s do it.” Although, I wish I were doing something more “fun” like crank calling someone, but as it turns out it isn’t as fun as I thought it would be. They have caller IDs you see.

So, it’s past noon on this bright Tuesday and I sit here waiting for the “conveyor belt” of the assembly line to move. Now that I have survived beyond a paragraph a bulb on my head glows and I think, maybe, I could write my new “Sprinkled Sentiments” list. So, here I go:

275: I was at Natural’s recently with friends. I had the Black Grapes, Watermelon, Pineapple-Papaya, Muskmelon, Tender Coconut, and Chickoo ice creams. I’m not going to do much hoo-ha about how amazing they are. All I’ll say is if you care for eating something amazing. Go eat. All of them.

274: Kya solid pak raha hai yaar!

273: I read Lady Windermere’s Fan and The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. I think we could definitely make Bollywood movies out of his plays. I said that to a friend and he was appalled. I know, putting Oscar Wilde and Bollywood in the same sentence is sacrilege. (Forgive me.) But we can! The only thing we might lose out on are the dialogues. He wrote some really funny stuff and we could mangle them…okay…forget it. Bad idea. (Fayesal, you’re right!)

272: I like the BB. I want a new one. A better one. (In white again, please.)

271: I was at a public school to conduct a “guest lecture” for 3rd grade students. It’s amazing how children have unbridled imagination and unending love. I learnt more from them than they could have from me.

270: “Facebook bought Instagram” I want an ocean-liner.

269: People have a compulsive need to be right. I am intrigued by this phenomena. Intrigued.

268: The Sweet Lemon body lotion by The Body Shop is very citrus-y. I just totally love how it has “summer” written all over it. And also, how it smears “summer” all over your body when you apply it. Bright yellow times—that’s what the lotion is.

267: The song “Glad You Came” has outrageously stupid, obvious lyrics. I mean, how creative can one need to get to write, “The sun goes down, the stars come out…” 😐 Really, now!

266: It’s rather satisfying how your life gets sorted when you have your priorities sorted.

265: The latest bit of poetry that has stolen my heart,
“Faili thi siyaah raatein, /siyaah = jet black/
aaya tu subah leke.
Khamakha si zindagi me
jeene ki vajah leke.

Khoya tha samundaron me
tanha safeena mera /safeena = ship/
Saahilon pe aaya hai
Tu jaane kis tarah leke.”
Raabta  /raabta = connection/
(Agent Vinod)
It’s a beautiful, smooth song. Listen. 🙂

264: I find it easy to tell the truth. I wish it were easy for people to accept it.

263: One can never say “I have nowhere to go to. “There is always some place to go to.

262: Sometimes, I think, this world is a really stupid place to be. Sometimes, I wish I could just evaporate and not know where I go.

261: I have learnt that the probability of winning an argument is indirectly proportional to the volume of your voice.

260: I always need a lot of space.

259: I find it extremely fascinating (and for me, extremely necessary) to leave behind something that’s you. I think it’s good to make your legacy worth the effort.

258: Travelling, in Mumbai, is a bitch. And the reason for my back aches.

257: Jab jab jo jo hona hai, tab tab so so hota hai.

256: Din kuch aise guzarta hai
jaise ehsaan utaarta hai koi.
Ainaa dekh ke tasalli hui,
humko is ghar mein jaanata hai koi.

– Gulzar

255: If I could die right now, I wouldn’t have a single regret. I’ve achieved everything I wanted to in my life.

254: “She was a woman of mean understanding, little information, and uncertain temper.” – Jane Austen
#sophisticated insult

253: This post is really sprinkled over time. I started it last Tuesday. *can’t watch*

252: Boy. Girl. What a difficult world.

251: People who explicitly demand respect, can’t find any. I wonder why. *pretending to think*


Sprinkled Sentiments # 10

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  1. Hey sameen long time since I saw this!

    I just wish that you listen to me more often :-P. I told you me will ruin Wilde’s gift!

    Please explain number 252!

    You’ve achieved everything!!! Cmon! Stop saying that. Just like 263 ain’t possible even 255 is not!


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