Sunrise, Sunset and In-Between

I watched the movie Before Sunset this weekend. I saw the first part, Before Sunrise, a while ago and I couldn’t stop feeling all warm and fuzzy inside after I saw it. Not because it’s supposed to be an “unconventional” love story, but because I think the writing is so terrific that it is phenomenal. I wanted to see the second one soon after, but it’s always to give some resting time between desserts. Too much of anything can make your stomach ache.

Yeah, so, I watched Before Sunset yesterday and I quite liked that one as well. I think I really, really like Julie Delpy (Celine) who plays the female lead in both  the movies. She has such an Earthy feel about her. She’s so real in the true sense of the word. The way she is dressed and the things she says seem so characteristic of a woman pulled out of the multitudes of women walking in the crowd and put into this story. She is not the usual “heroine” material and nor is her character written to superimpose the story line and come out victorious

Julie Delpy in Before Sunrise

after you’ve seen the movie. I did like Ethan Hawke (Jesse) too, but not as much as Julie. I think they made a pretty good pair and held both the movies very well. But I think in Before Sunset, Julie stole the show. (I seem a little partial here and I am!) She’s more measured in Before Sunset and here she totally outshines Ethan Hawke. I absolutely love how she could just be walking on those sidewalks in Paris and talking about monumental things like they were breakfast banter. I like her hair and how she smiles that smile with her not-Photoshoped-for-a-magazine-cover teeth. I absolutely love how she makes talking such a wonderful thing to do. I love how her strength melts to pieces in the butter-y sunshine of Paris when she’s in the car with Jesse and how it quickly springs back when she walks up the lane to her house. She doesn’t have an extraordinary story nor does she have supernatural powers. She’s just another girl. But in spite of being just another girl, she carries so much charm all through the movie, I couldn’t help but keep looking at her. All in all Julie Delpy has me floored.

P.S: If you haven’t already, you SHOULD watch Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.

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  1. i have the 2 DVDs here but i haven’t gotten the time to really watch them. Are they really worth the time watching? I tried once but i got sleepy.


    1. Watch the first one. It’s superb. It’s so well done that you’re smiling so much while they’re talking.

      Give Before Sunrise a try.


      1. will take note of this. will send you a note once i finished watching the films. thanks for the heads up!


  2. I saw this movie when I was in 12th grade or something. I am usually a cynic when it comes to romantic comedies, but this one was brilliant.

    One of my all time favorite movies, glad you liked it as well.


  3. Yesterday I watched Before the sunrise and I was completely marveled in how pretty is this girl and with how good is the text. After that I have to watch the next movie. In before the sunset the best scene is the last. When Celine sing a song for Jesse, wonderful.


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