When it comes from within

There is blessing in silence.
In slowing down and stopping.
In stopping and watching each moment of your life pass by.
In counting your breaths and counting the stars in between of counting your breaths.
In taking the time to walk and reflect on why we run.
In looking at the distance and see the orange sun descend on the horizon.
In returning home after ages of being away and sleeping with someone inside you being peaceful and satisfied.
There is blessing in silence.
Specially when it comes from inside.

7 thoughts on “When it comes from within

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  1. Absolute truth in those verses. Funnily enough we often undervalue silence because the cacophony of life takes over and we try to fight fire with fire.


    1. That reminds me of what I recently read and I have come to swear by, “Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand.”


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