Writing For Ever After

I write
On newspapers.
On used notebooks
over hand-written essays
about the French revolution.
On the time-table,
I make my plans.

I write
On tissues
at coffee shops and use them
On my train ticket
for the day;
when I’m travelling down South
and back home.

I write
On the paper bags
I bring grocery in.
On the bills
I get when I buy
things I don’t need.
On the paper they use to
write the minutes of meeting
and then send to the shredder
after the meeting is done.

I write
On the printouts
of the play that
we were going to see
the night you went away.
On on all those
surfaces that you saw
when you were too busy to see me.

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9 thoughts on “Writing For Ever After

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  1. ” I write
    On tissues
    at coffee shops and use them

    Wow! This is so cool. Only thing is that I don’t use them later. I just chuck ’em in the bin;-)

    You’re getting good at this blank verse idea!


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