10 Things I Find True

I write here not because I have a lot to say, but because I have something to share. Incidentally, what I am about to share has made me write the list that follows. I was on Stumble this afternoon and came across this lovely video. This video is for anyone who loves poetry, anyone who loves hope and anyone who loves life. Jumping straight into it. Over to Sarah Kay. Have an enjoyable 18.29 minutes!

If I Should Have a Daughter – Sarah Kay 

Taking a cue from the video, I wrote the following list. Like she instructed, this is totally from the top of my head and I haven’t given it any thought.

10 Things I Find To Be True

  1. Advertisements these days focus more on what the product will make you look like in society than the offerings of the product.
  2. The food at Aromas, Powai isn’t all that great. McDonalds scores over it in my book.
  3. It was good to see K today.
  4. I would never recommend anyone to get a BlackBerry. Now. Earlier I did. Apologies.
  5. I would rather be happy than be right.
  6. I love the show Grey’s Anatomy. I shouldn’t watch more than 4 episodes of it in one day or I feel sad. Tried and tested. Twice.
  7. The music used during the show is so good. I just love how it fits in so well. I heard the song Breathe (2am) by Anna Nalick on the show and I absolutely love it.
  8. I have a neck ache because of crouching over my laptop.
  9. I should write often.
  10. One must take care of their feet. I am trying to do so.

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