Why not?

There’s a person I have known for some time now. Through the winter mist I have come to notice that this person smiles brightly when they talk to me. (They, so as to mask the gender. I know my grammar. Thank you.) So, this person has always been around, but the warm smile I get is what I’m just starting to notice. And with the smile ensues a gaze that goes straight into my eye, so as to say that this is for you. A smile, for you girl because everything is so beautiful. A smile because this day is right. A smile because what you’re saying could be anything, but that you’re saying it is what matters. A smile because, why not? Why not?

Initially, I allowed myself to question this. I’m no skeptic, but I live with many so it’s tough. Really, it is. Now, I don’t question it. In fact, at this moment as I write this, I’ve decided not to read too much into it. And possibly, if I can, not to be suspicious of any beauty that is around me. So, when that person smiles at me again, I will smile back like I usually do, but this time I won’t ask myself, why is this for me?

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  1. Nice post, really liked it. However, I had just one thing to add.

    >I’m no skeptic, but I live with many so it’s tough.

    Actually, the word you’re looking for is ‘cynic’. Skeptics are not that bad.


      1. No, that wasn’t what I was saying. There’s a huge difference between them. A cynic will criticize for no reason other than the freedom to criticize. A skeptic will often do it to encourage honest enquiry to ensure that every possibility is thoroughly examined.

        A cynic doesn’t care for the people that he criticizes, he simply does it because he can. He will just make a fleeting judgement and leave it there, so that you can feel bad about it.

        A skeptic on the other hand will only criticize where necessary and will often guide you and help you to realize her point of view. She will try and make you aware of all the possible ways to look at a situation, but leave you in control to decide which one you want to go with.

        Cynics are negative by definition. Skeptics are usually just curious people with no ulterior motive.


      2. I understand the difference my friend. I am more concerned about the doubting than the outright negation of everything that exists. Frankly, I am tired of it all. And that’s why skeptics. I find people who want proof much more dangerous and unreliable than those who have their prejudices. Oscar Wilde said, “People are either charming or tedious.” Skeptics are tedious. Cynics are not to be bothered with. 🙂


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