Talk You Out of It

I find that it is very revealing to have a first-time meal with these so-called successful/well-earning men. I'm sure if one does an experiment, a curious study could come by. Of course, these days, you could take a large enough sample size and prove anything. But every time I have been on one of these... Continue Reading →

A Familiar Place

How do you know that a conversation has gone to hell? They ask you whether you have eaten. Here’s the thing — I’m all for talking about soaps, satellites, and satsumas — but never ever ask me, even as a conversation filler, if I have eaten. Never. I do realise “Have you eaten?” is now... Continue Reading →

It’s Raining Men

It's not. Now, that we have that out of the way. Chuski Pop is a podcast I was introduced to a couple of months ago. It is hosted by Sweety and Pappu and it is about all things desi, feminist, existential, happening, and even sexual. It's one of the three podcasts I listen to on an... Continue Reading →

Jar of Hearts

The other day, I was looking at my mother not as her daughter, but just as a woman. I looked at her long and hard and wondered what made her marry when she did. As a woman, what were her expectations? Was she scared? And then she caught me looking at her, so I snapped... Continue Reading →

Fields of Gold

A few days ago, I had a thought about Elizabeth Gilbert and Cheryl Strayed. One that I forgot. Something about them being soul sisters, except that they are not. I didn't make a note of the thought, maybe because I was sleeping, too knocked out to actually give a fig or because I was binge-watching... Continue Reading →


The other day my dad asked me to read The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. I did and we discussed it. We had a highly spirited discussion where he defended the book and I dissed it. My dad and my sister were both on one side and I was on the other. Yes, I am a part... Continue Reading →

On Cowardice and Flights

There's enough space for cowardice. Like everything expands in direct proportion to the availability of space, so does this nimble inability to be courageous. Cowardice does not involve accountability and the responsibility of meeting with unanticipated outcomes as does bravery. That cowardice brings on consequences which can be best dealt with indifference is another matter... Continue Reading →

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