Write Here, Write Now

WordPress’ Daily Prompt for today is:

Write a post entirely in the present tense.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us NOW.

I’ve attempted a response.


I am biting my nail of the ring finger too much. It is starting to hurt now. I have just received a message and my heart is starting to thud with fear because I wish I had not started writing this. Now that I have, my head is telling me to keep at it. I am doing a lot of thinking, and that’s why the nail biting. My phone is vibrating again and I check the message. It’s about the anthology my book club is working on. I already have a story in my mind, but I hope I can pull it off. Writing each day as a task is something I am yet to come to terms with. I have accepted the notion that writing is not whimsical, but I am yet to make it a routine.

My mother wants me to eat oranges. I like fruits. I just don’t like fruits thrusted upon me as a means of nutrition. I believe that one has to enjoy a fruit, and that’s the only way to eat it – by enjoying it. Thrusting a fruit doesn’t work on me. It makes me hate it. So I am not eating the orange she gave me.

This is turning out to be harder now. More so because I am not multi-tasking and totally living this moment. I think this is hard to do. Concentrating on this very moment and doing it for every minute of your day is difficult. As I write this, I can smell Johnson & Johnson baby powder. It stinks. The newspaper today smells entirely of the baby powder as a marketing gimmick. It makes me run further away from the newspaper than I usually do. Why would anyone want to do this? I fail to understand.

Wait! I am logged into my office communicator. Time to log off. The day is over, innit?


I am wishing I could write about the past. I mean, about this morning. But i have to write about the present. But in this present I am thinking of the past. Is that how we spend most of our present? By thinking of the past or the future? I am thinking of the future now. It’s totally uncertain, but I am thinking what will happen next in the script that I am also writing with another person. Will I even finish that script or not? I must concentrate on the present.

It is 9:43 pm and I am thinking of tomorrow morning when I will wake up while it is still dark. I take the early bus, so my diet is messed up. I have acidity because I haven’t eaten much all day. I wish I could drink the Jasmine Green tea which I got for myself. But I don’t have it at home. It’s on my desk in office. I love how that green tea smells. I think I am getting habituated to it.

I am now thinking of you reading this. Now, I bite my nail again. I am thinking of what you will think having read it so far.

Let me know.

P.S.: This was a lot of fun!

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