Simplicity, and Yet

One of the simple pleasures in life is a good sleep. Some of the others that I would write on my list of simple pleasures are a solitary walk, watching the rain from the inside, silence, swinging on a swing, and a window seat on a train. Some other pleasures that may not be as simple, but make me happy all the same, are jasmine green tea, blow drying my hair, and a good kajal.

So, when I tried to sleep this afternoon after a noisy day (courtesy furious instructions by my mother on what jewellery to wear for a wedding tonight) i just wished for my brain to shut up. I hate jewellery. I hate being forced to wear jewellery. I hate buying jewellery. I hate everything to do with jewellery. In that period of the afternoon when most families are asleep, I took my chance and went to my corner of the house to find the simple pleasures of silence and sleep. I slept alright. But something happened. I remember a bright vision that visited me when I slept.

The vision was a warm, bright light and I was suspended in that moment. It seemed as if that light bestowed on me silence and peace. In that moment everything was bathed in simple pleasures, and the universe was in precarious balance. I felt free. I felt loved. I felt other-worldly. I felt that when Siddhartha attained moksha it would have come to him like that – a warm, golden light of silence that elevated the soul. Only that Siddhartha attained it for ever, and I woke up from sleep.

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