Sound Advice

Today has been an absolutely rubbish day up until now. The perfectly-oiled machine that is my routine hit a snag. All attempts to restore order were laughed in the face by ridiculously dressed curveballs. I couldn’t find solace in all my calm-headed decisions, conversations, or even the old friends and music pill. Now that I think about it maybe breaking down and splattering all over the floor is sometimes necessary.

However, I find my peace in one of the best pieces of advice doled out to me a while ago. It was given to me by one of the best men I know. When I said that I was doing everything I could and it seemed like a bottomless pit, he said to me, and I quote, “Deal with it.”

He didn’t tell me to wing it, run, or escape. He didn’t tell me to pray, hope, or pretend. He didn’t supply secrets of the yore to get through rainy days.

He simply said that I should deal with it. And deal with it, I shall.

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