Sound Advice

Today has been an absolutely rubbish day up until now. The perfectly-oiled machine that is my routine hit a snag. All attempts to restore order were laughed in the face by ridiculously dressed curveballs. I couldn't find solace in all my calm-headed decisions, conversations, or even the old friends and music pill. Now that I... Continue Reading →

Oh yeah!

On November 14, 2011 when Sameen Borker announced that it was her blog anniversary- Blogoversary, I was really excited. Coman, I know what a blog means to a person! So, the Bermuda chaiangle team (Raka-Sameen-Calvin) quickly hurried to the chai tapri where some of the most crutial world changing discussions take place. And this time... Continue Reading →

Only if you want it to…

I’ve always believed that every relationship in the world, be it any relationship, survives only because the two people involved in it want to make it last. And the biggest example of this is any friendship you nurture. Has it ever crossed your mind that friendships last more than any other relationship because we choose... Continue Reading →

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