The Fallacy that is Feminism

One of the many definitions of feminism is, “Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women.”  A large portion all feministic propaganda is aimed at hurling the blame at all the men of the world. Most movements and ideologies attack how men treat women and therefore, bring out the ammunition against them. In defense of women rights, we bestow upon men a disproportionate amount of incrimination. While all of this is well and good, I believe, earnestly that it’s getting hold of almost the wrong end of the stick. If I were to be appointed the Chairman of the Imaginary Board for Women Emancipation, I would pluck all these movements against men and flush them down a toilet – without flushing down sanitary napkins with them. (Women do that. It just makes no sense to me, why.)

In the age of the omniscient Internet, where it’s easier to log onto Facebook from anywhere than it is to say a prayer, it’s very easy to find pro-feministic ads/movies/petitions what have you. Even the men are joining the bandwagon. Well, all of that is heartening, but I find it very difficult to pick out an ad/movie/petition which brings back the onus home and puts it in the hands of the woman herself. Feminists shout from rooftops telling women to wage a passive aggressive fight with the opposite gender to take back their rights. To such feminists, I’d like to simply say: Fuck you. What stops feminists from empowering women in the true sense of the word is beyond my understanding. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would allude this as a hidden agenda to exacerbate the social standing of a woman. No, seriously. Think about it.

How many times have you seen women asking other women to empower themselves? How many such ideologies encourage a woman to not sell herself short out of a misplaced sense of love, self-sacrifice, and even an overlooked case of Stockholm syndrome? How many feministic movements teach women how to bring up their daughters well and even more so their sons? How many times have you seen an ad that simply empowers a woman which is not at the cost of mocking a man? There is a huge difference between picking someone up, and stepping on someone to pick them up. This difference is a subtle one, but one that is massively neglected.

We don’t really go into war on a daily basis, but if we did, we would’ve known one very important thing – you cannot win a battle if your own army is fighting internally. Women have never understood this simple thing. My money is on the outcome they will never understand. So all this feminism indoctrination works like a charm. Very few women stand up for other women. Let’s see some examples. A mother does not stand up for her daughter enough (because she never stood up for herself, because her mother didn’t stand up for her, and so goes the chain). A mother-in-law hates her daughter-in-law. A woman helps a man cheat on another woman. Another woman sits down her son and makes him tea while she forgives him for ruthlessly breaking up with his girlfriend. A sister sleeps with her brother-in-law thus deceiving her sister. I assure you all these examples are from real life. I didn’t make them up. In all these cases, a woman finds herself on the wrong side of the moral compass because either she’s trying to please a man or is unable to find the courage to defend herself from the man. Yes, a man is in the picture. But, woman, what did you do to uphold yourself? How easy it is to point a finger! Just how hard it is to muster the strength to stand up for yourself?

Whenever a man commits an atrocity against a woman, one must reflect on how he was brought up. I find this an imperative point of view. Let’s face it, all men are more or less brought up by women. So, if you stand up with an agenda and take all the men to the jury for committing crimes against women, you’ve got to round the women who brought them up. Somehow, that conveniently escapes everyone’s notice. So, what is this feminism conversation we’re having all across the world? I do not deride its existence and call for a ban on it. I simply do not understand how women fail to sit up and take a moment’s notice on how much they value themselves. Very little, I would have to say.

I find it ridiculous that a whole gender which cannot respect itself is standing on the streets with begging bowls and banners to command the men to respect them. To these people, I would only like to sigh and say: Oh Good Lord and the Heaven above.

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  1. well very spoken, miss zarathustra. i read this great tweet about how a dalit activist isn’t really an activist if he/she goes around UK and USA and talks about how dalit politics is screwed up. i think feminism, as a concept, is sometimes unfairly upstaged by the megalomania of gloryhounds.


  2. I completely agree with you. Also, the same women who talk about gender justice fail to teach their sons’ that they are not above another girl. Most of the time, a woman too will not think twice before hurting another woman. She will complain only when she is the victim.
    Feminism unfortunately has become synonymous with hating men but real progress needs active participation from both the genders and will not happen by male bashing.


  3. Hi,
    I totally agree with the point you are making in this post.
    I have tried to portray much the same thing in my recent novel Lemon Girl. Even though the book is about women abuse and the still persisting mentality of victim blaming, it upholds the value of self respect in women and the need for them to take a stand for themselves.
    I would like to contact you regarding the review/feature of the book on your blog. If you are interested, I’d be happy to send you a copy of the book. You can preview it here:
    Please let me know at



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