Those three words are said too much…

There have been times when those three words couldn’t hold up on their own. They had to be supplemented with promises of transcendence from this life to the next. They had to be said every night like a flossing ritual. They had to be reminded of by using them as a salve after a bruise or worse, a wound. They were weighed out and handed in times of calm and more in times of war. They gave letters to emotions and added a universality to everything everyone felt, as if they felt the same things.

They also held invisible promises, mostly assumptions of them, weighing down the one who said it in silent obligation and the one who received it in silent expectation. There have never been another set of words put together that were so difficult to say sometimes, and on some occasions a little too easy. They also bundled in forever by all those who had no idea what forever looked like. They would never figure it out too.

And yet, when they were said today there was nothing else to it, just the simplicity of stating a fact. The plain admission of my state of being in love with you.

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  1. Loved your style or writing. You articulate it so well that reader is able to feel the emotions that you felt while you penned this.


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