Your Horoscope for the Week

This poem is an update to the original one I wrote for the 2019 NaPoWriMo.

Your (Updated) Horoscope for the Week:

– You will be visited by a purple thunderstorm in a dream. It will be what you think it is.
– Gift your favourite book to a new friend. Gift wrap it with a yellow ribbon.
– Do what you have to do. Read the climax of the book first. Tell that person off. Climb out of the Internet and build a stone brick mansion.
– The universe sends a message in droplets of water. Wash your hands in the rain.
– As per your birth chart, currently there’s a silver light guiding your life through the darkness. The silver light is you.
– In the eddies of the Internet, can be found the Latin roots of the words: Lunatic, Testify, Humility. 
– Mandatory Love Reading: Tell everyone you love that you love them. This is still a pandemic and the world is begging to end itself. (Why do you need a horoscope to tell you this?) 
– You will stop reading the news and start reading fiction. This will save your life. This might also save the world. 
– A little bit of upheaval is good now and then. Find your old favourite song. Sing it at the top of your voice.
– Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. (It activates your parasympathetic nervous system. Science, baby!)
– The future called: destroy Fascism. The working class called: crush Capitalism. The woman you know couldn’t call, she also couldn’t get to the women’s safety helpline: smash the Patriarchy. 
– You will dress up in your most comfortable home-clothes and give yourself a pedicure. Even if you’re a man. Especially if you’re a man. 
– The person you’re thinking about is thinking about you, too. (We don’t know, really. We put this stuff in so that people can subscribe to our horoscope.)
– The past still encourages you to try something new for a change: believe in a re-imagined future.
– Colour of the Week: Wear your favourite colour. This horoscope is brought to you by the realisation that happiness must not be saved for a later date. 
– You will sigh a wish. You will find it answered. 
– Whatever happens, happens. We still can’t guarantee the authenticity of any of this. The universe is mysterious and climate change, capitalistic consumerism, unchecked ecofascism are real.
– You will be fine. (But you will have to work through your emotions gently.)
– You will be taken care of. (But you will also have to take care of.) 
– You will be loved. (But you will also have to love in return.)
– Yes, necessarily in that order.

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