For want of a little courage…

I saw the movie Barfi! Although I was expecting it to blow me away and seep into my heart like it did for multitudes of people, I am disappointed to admit that none of that happened to me. I walked into the theatre solemn and nonchalant and I walked out of it disappointed and reflective.... Continue Reading →

A little cheese, please?

I saw Ishaqzaade the previous weekend. Contrary to the comic strip exploits that ripped apart the insides of the movie, I quite liked it. Yes, I did. It did have a wayward storyline, but it managed to keep me waiting for what happened next. Although I did know, that the hero and heroine die in... Continue Reading →

Sunrise, Sunset and In-Between

I watched the movie Before Sunset this weekend. I saw the first part, Before Sunrise, a while ago and I couldn't stop feeling all warm and fuzzy inside after I saw it. Not because it's supposed to be an "unconventional" love story, but because I think the writing is so terrific that it is phenomenal.... Continue Reading →


There are reviews and then there are reviews. But this one is not one of them. No, I don’t claim to be above the cream, just that I’m taking this as an opportunity to talk about the metaphor of life. I saw Dhobi Ghat on Republic Day. Honestly, I didn’t intend to see it because... Continue Reading →

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