As I sped down the highway and watched my thoughts melt over the road, somewhere in my mind I thought he was right. Most of my consciousness was occupied by the rushing of the empty road towards me and me gliding to reach it. But the rest of my mind was getting convinced by the... Continue Reading →

The First Day

Seeking and offering neutral advice is a philanthropic act more than one of authority or rationality. Who's to say you won't be swayed by the quester's feelings and pass judgement in their favour? Or how can one know if you're a true altruist and you would offer your thoughts as pennies to give away? Seeking unbiased... Continue Reading →


She made a locus of sparkling youth and brazen dreams around her soul's polar axis. While others persevered to harmonize with theirs, she danced around her axis in circles of non-conformity. She lay in gutters dreaming of stars, drank until each atom of her body vibrated with the mirth of the wine, and kissed every... Continue Reading →


A stubborn, arid wind galloped past his ear as he walked on the pavement. Golden stings sent forth by the ball of fire landed on his face. He tried to use his coat to protect himself from the attack, but the wind didn't relent. A dry storm is on its way, he thought. In that moment of... Continue Reading →


His eyes are small. He doesn't look like he walks much. Neither does he look like he talks a lot. His face isn't one that you can read and know stories of how long he pored over his work to get it right. Or how his faint wrinkles show long hours of reading. You can't... Continue Reading →

The Yellow Desk

Her nails were chipped, and she couldn't align herself to a stream of thought. She couldn't issue clear instructions to the workers in her office. As a result of which, they did what they liked and almost always fell short of expectations. The desk was yellow and had a dent on the surface. The yellow though old, stood out... Continue Reading →

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