You're in a train. You're in an auto. You're at work. You wake up while you can. You're in a fleeting moment of serenity. You're in a phase of waiting. You're waiting for the dusk to fall. You're waiting for someone inside you to come home. You're in a bus. You're in traffic. You're in... Continue Reading →


Sometimes people come close quickly, while some take time to weave into your life. But once you let them occupy a space in your being, there is no way anyone else can ever take their place. We were never meant to be replaceable—anyhow, anywhere and in any way... - Sameen

L for Living

All of us have had a time when we 'got lost' and 'found purpose'! We have all seen ourselves in the teeth of tiring ordeals and in moments of ecstasy. For those who are stuck & tired yet struggling to make the change...here's something from my memory-attic! Hope u derive strength from it. I did. :-)... Continue Reading →

A for Amour

I want to be the song that touches your lips each day I want to be the breeze that rushes through your hair I want to be the sunshine to brighten up your hours I want to be Betty on the cover on that comic book of yours I want to be the prayer that... Continue Reading →

‘Love’ly Songs

I once wrote a poem that had the opening line, "I want to be the song that touches your lips each day..." That poem is my favourite romantic poem that I have written till date. In my opinion, poems and songs capture romance like nothing else does. Both can make one smile as well as... Continue Reading →

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