‘Love’ly Songs

I once wrote a poem that had the opening line,
“I want to be the song
that touches your lips each day…”
That poem is my favourite romantic poem that I have written till date. In my opinion, poems and songs capture romance like nothing else does. Both can make one smile as well as bring tears to one’s eyes. Here’s a peek at some recent romantic hindi songs that touch my lips each day…
I cannot give them a ranking. It would be grossly unfair. They are all soul-stirring songs.

Bheege Bheege–Kaminey

Two things that pull me towards this song are Gulzar Sabb’s lyrics and Mohit Chauhan’s voice. Shahid Kapur featuring in the song is the cherry on the top. Highly recommended for those completely in love.
“Thode Bhige Bhige Se Thode Nam hai Hum
Kal Se Soye Woye Bhi Toh Kam Hai Hum
dil ne kaisi harkat ki hai..
Pehli baar mohabbat ki hai..”

Ye Dooriyan–Love Aaj Kal
It is a very poignant song. Soulful and beautiful. For all those who are away from their partners and for all those who love a good song. Mohit Chauhan creates magic again with this one.
“Tera Mujhe Kar Jaati Hai Dooriyan
Satati Hain Dooriyan
Tarsati Hain Dooriyan
Fanah Ho Sabhi Dooriyan”

Khudaya Ve–Luck
The movie may have been miserable(no, I did not see it) but the song is very soothing. When I hear it I can picture sand dunes and rivers. Listen to it with your eyes closed. And feel the music.
“Pyaase tadap rahe hai
saahil kareeb re..khudaya Ve
Ishq hai kaisa ye ajeeb ve”

More Saiyyan–Tere Sang
I heard the song when it was used on a show called ‘Jugni Chali Jalandhar’. It is a very nice show and this is a beautiful song. It is a song about togetherness and asking for a promise from your partner.I don’t vouch for the movie but the song is a super hit!
“Pura saath nibhaana jaana
beech me chodh na dena…
Dil ko dil se laga ke yaara
tanha chodh na dena”

Ajj Din chahediya–Love Aaj Kal
Words fail me as I begin to describe this song. It reminds me of Veer waiting for Harleen below her balcony. It’s a PURE love song. As pure as pure can be. Rahet Fateh Ali Khan weaves magnificience with this one!
“Aasmaan Pe Aasmaan Uske De Itna Bata
Woh Jo Mujhko Dekh Ke Hase
Pana Chahun Raat Din Jise
Rabba Mere Naam Kar Use
Tenu Dil Da Vasta”

Listen to them if you already have not. Romance at its best in these times! 🙂
p.s. The song ‘tune jo na kaha’ from New York just missed this list. But it is beautiful too…

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