The Twelfth Night

Usually, on the blogoversary day, I eat some ice cream and share it with someone who is around. Today, I didn't get around to doing it as the weather is chilly and in the current Covid scare, I don't want to risk a cold. Of all the things that can be believed about this pandemic,... Continue Reading →


A list of promises we must make ⁃ To unlearn the prejudices handed to us by our elders ⁃ To be seen. By ourselves. ⁃ To hold on to our anger and to let it sediment into a China cup. ⁃ To pour that cup away. ⁃ To plant a tree. ⁃ To expand ourselves... Continue Reading →


It's the blogoversary. I had ice cream with the person because of whom I started blogging. And I laughed. Happy 7.

Celebrating Goodbyes?

And here I sit in the middle of November with just 15 days to go and nothing planned for my 3rd blogoversary. 3rd? Oh my God! Is it really the third year of blogging? I feel like it was just yesterday we went cruising from A to Z on this very blog with so many wonderful people aboard! To be... Continue Reading →

A to Z

And this is the post where I write something that symbolizes the end of one year and the beginning of another; for my blog, that is. So, keeping in tandem with all the clichés I should be writing about… reminiscences maybe, or hope; laughter and gratitude even; or maybe an account of my escapades during... Continue Reading →

J for Joy

To me, joy isn’t anything alone. In fact, joy is a mash up of so many more parcels; many more Js. One of ‘em is Jingle Bells. And this one's right around the corner. And this one reminds me, each year, how joy multiplies by leaving a gift under a tree. (I’m not Christian, and... Continue Reading →

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