The City – A Celebration of Life

4 years ago in December, I was introduced to the concept of blogging. Back then, I didn’t know what this activity could mean to me. In subsequent years, I have been celebrating this month and people around me have joined in. December, therefore, has been a happy month since then. My first post was about rising from the ashes. There was a lot of metaphor in that non-fictional story I wrote. In previous years, I have had guest-writers write with me to celebrate the abundance this platform brought to my life. This year, I don’t have guest-writers, but I have myself. I am planning to do an assortment of posts this month. In the first post (which should have been yesterday) I went around my beloved city and clicked a few pictures. I am no photographer. In fact, I’m a pathetic photographer, but here’s what a part of this city is fairly like:

The Haj House in VT as seen from Abdul Rehman Street

Wares being sold on the streets
A mosque in the middle of the market chaos at Abdul Rehman Street
Small lanes on detouring from big ones
Sarees and more
Where faiths camouflage
Crawford Market. (If you carefully notice the black dots on either rooftop, those are vultures.)
Where there is no time to stop
That rare instant of an empty road

At Marine Drive. Just missed capturing the setting sun.
Nariman Point and the sights from there
Bombay, far and out
A Tonga
Orange, purple, dark blue and life
The day is not done yet

That is not all that is this city. There is more to this place, there is more beauty and it’s all just a little too fast to gulp in these days.


2 thoughts on “The City – A Celebration of Life

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  1. You are not a bad photographer at all.. I liked the selection of subjects and the casual way it has been taken. πŸ™‚
    nice post. πŸ™‚


    1. Hey Manu that’s kind of you. But it’s more the spectacle of these places that shines out. I’m a below average photographer really.

      πŸ™‚ thanks.


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