A list of promises we must make

⁃ To unlearn the prejudices handed to us by our elders

⁃ To be seen. By ourselves.

⁃ To hold on to our anger and to let it sediment into a China cup.

⁃ To pour that cup away.

⁃ To plant a tree.

⁃ To expand ourselves in the direction of our fiercest and most wildest dreams.

⁃ To be afraid. Feel the way fear creeps under the light of our skins. To recognise this is how some people, in some geographies spend their whole lives.

⁃ To not be afraid.

⁃ To let go of the notion that the sole purpose of our lives is to fall in love just once.

⁃ To fall in love once.

⁃ To fall in love many times.

⁃ To sit under a purple tree.

⁃ To stop chastising oneself for not fitting into a mould. You’re a person not a cupcake.

⁃ To try and be a cupcake once in a while. Not as an aspiration but so that you can be kissed the hell out of.

⁃ To draw — water from wells, a blank, a fat fucking paycheck.

⁃ To avoid projecting your insecurities on the people you love.

⁃ To be content with not making a lot of money, not travelling, not being thin.

⁃ To not fall into the trap of credit card bills, people who don’t keep their word, sugar free foods.

⁃ To cross the street to meet our neighbors.

⁃ To cross your heart and hope to be honest with yourself.

⁃ To fail at all of this.

⁃ To forgive ourselves for failing.

⁃ To try.

⁃ To try again.

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