And The Sun Rises

When I step out of the house, it's almost dark. The world around me is still waking up to another day of the week. While I'm struggling out of bed, I always say to myself that I shall sleep in the bus. A few trodden minutes later, when I push myself out of the house... Continue Reading →


Somehow I'm wary of cocksure people. More so because I am a firm believer in the relativity of everything in this Universe. I don't know many absolutes and I don't mind that. I prefer it actually. If I have learnt anything in my life of 25 years it is this: everything changes. And if there... Continue Reading →

For want of a little courage…

I saw the movie Barfi! Although I was expecting it to blow me away and seep into my heart like it did for multitudes of people, I am disappointed to admit that none of that happened to me. I walked into the theatre solemn and nonchalant and I walked out of it disappointed and reflective.... Continue Reading →

Lackadaisical Living

Segments of dun-coloured time. A casual, wayward glance. Piling up of unwritten poems. Not picking up the chance. Peeling off the calendar, just because I should. Walking down least resistance, just because I could. Insipid storytelling. Sporadic laughs at sordid events. Insincere attempts unyielding. No surprises at consequence. Driving down to the city, because it's a Monday... Continue Reading →

The Week That Was

This week, in one word, has been draining. Draining. On Monday, the auto drivers were on strike, and I was rather happy. For the sole reason that there would be no traffic on the roads and commuting would be lesser of a pain in my back. (I have a back ache problem. And I'm not... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Goodbyes?

And here I sit in the middle of November with just 15 days to go and nothing planned for my 3rd blogoversary. 3rd? Oh my God! Is it really the third year of blogging? I feel like it was just yesterday we went cruising from A to Z on this very blog with so many wonderful people aboard! To be... Continue Reading →

Proof of a Famous Adage – Part 1

So, after my admission of sadness yesterday, I went home. I did not know what to do with my time in the bus. I just sat still, and looked out of the window. I was phone-less, music-player-less, book-less, so I just sat and stared outside. And I pondered over my situation. I missed a friend I used to be... Continue Reading →

The Window Seat

There’s this friend I was trying to counsel. Yes, that sounds a little pompous considering I’m the one who needs a little help right now, but anyway. Ok so, we were talking... no wait... he was talking. After a long time of self-inflicted, ego-boosting, surreptitious muteness that makes a man proud of the fact that... Continue Reading →

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