All that was lost

Currently, I have a passive-aggressive relationship with Time. Whenever I think I'm going to catch up, it sneaks into a rabbit hole where I cannot go. So while I grapple with my ineffective time-management, I reminisce on the year that has been all while wishing for a red, apple-shaped alarm clock. Alas, Santa Claus has... Continue Reading →


Rudyard Kipling set an impossibly tall order for 'man' with his poem 'If', and by all means it's a poem that could replace all religious texts. There is a lesson laced in every line of that poem. Not one word too much, not one word too little, it's just right. Right like that wish granted... Continue Reading →


Letting down happens... in unopened-unanswered letters. under a stormy sky when the roof’s broken. inside "just one" chocolate for recess. Letting down happens... in the mistrust in a lover’s touch. when life turns out to be what they said. stalking you like that past that’s dead. Letting down happens... in the coldness of a friend’s... Continue Reading →

Care to Care?

Every day, on my way to work, I see school children—hardly 4 feet in height, donning a neatly ironed uniform, sporting freshly combed hair and flashing their ID cards on their chests. Tiny tots tottering away to school; oblivious to the mad, erratic, and self-consumed world around them. I’m assuming that their day starts with... Continue Reading →


You took my flowers And crushed them without pityI wept alone in the darkest part of the city.And finally when my tears had driedYou came around and plasteredyour indifference above my eye.Today I only wish that dayI had not survived…And when my woundshad turned black and blueYou woke me upand razed the hope I had... Continue Reading →

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